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As we’ve modernized over the last centuries, we’ve lost more and more bodily contact with the Earth we walk on. In the simplest form, grounding means touching your bare skin to the Earth. InnerSpace was started to research, study, and ultimately offer quality products that help you connect back to the ground. Our ancestors maintained this connection by walking the grounds barefoot and sleeping on the ground. Today, we wear rubber-soled shoes and walk on artificial flooring. We’ve lost the balance and the healing grounding offers us. Our lack of grounding can cause various health issues like chronic pain and inflammation. Grounding reduces and prevents inflammation and static charges in the body. Secondly, it maintains the internal stability of the electrical workings of body organs and functions that otherwise cause dysfunction and disorder in the body. Innerspace offers products that act as an extension cord to the Earth, and all its healing benefits. The company invests a lot of its time to studies and research so that the public can be understood and reap the benefits of grounding in everyday life!