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  • Organic Cream Jiyo Bear
    Our huggable, floppy and soft 16" Cream Teddy Bear from our Sherpa Bears Collection is hand sewn in the USA, hypoallergenic, and made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton – there are no harmful plastics, chemicals, or dyes
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  • Rare Grey Himalayan Raw Salt Lamp
    A Beautiful Way to Breathe Few things can re-energize your body while calming and focusing your mind like a long, soothing walk on the beach. Now you can get that same feeling in your own walled-off home or office with So Well’s Grey Raw Salt Light. Feel the replenishing effects of the oxygen-rich, ionized air as it rejuvenates you for your day.
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  • Mini USB powered Amber Salt Lamp
    HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL USB SALT LAMP Computer and wireless devices create unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can disrupt your natural vibrations. Keeping a Crystal Salt USB Salt Lamp near your computer can help to counter this background radiation naturally, (EMF) because these crystals resonate at nearly the same frequency as the earth’s magnetic frequency based on the shuman resonance frequency model.
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  • Rare Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp
    RARE GREY HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL LAMP- SO WELL EXCLUSIVE Walking on a secluded beach can invigorate your senses while focusing and easing your mind. Now you can take that same experience of breathing in a fresh ocean breeze into your own living space or office. See how our rare Grey Himalayan salt crystal lamp release ionized, oxygen-rich air into your surroundings, while they are rejuvenating you so you are ready for your day.
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  • Amber Himalayan Salt Lamps
    CREATE A CALMING OASIS IN YOUR HOME & OFFICE WITH OUR AMBER HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL LAMP Have you ever wished you could have that invigorating and re-energizing feeling that comes from a walk on a secluded beach, but in your own living space or office? Now you can have that same feeling with So Well’s amber Himalayan salt crystal lamp. Our salt lights release the healthy negative ions with oxygenate and refresh the surrounding air, so your mind is calm and focused, while your body is rejuvenated.
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  • Salt Lamp Candle Holder
    Do you have a small space into which you want to bring those ocean-breeze vibrations? Well, So Well can help with our new Amber Round Candle Holder. With the same ionizing and oxygenating forces now in a small candle holder, your mind can become focused and relaxed, while your body is recharged and replenished.
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  • Gray Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp
    A Beautiful Way to Breathe Have you ever wished that you could bottle up fresh ocean air from the beach, and release it into your living space or office? Now, with So Well’s Grey Pyramid Salt Light, you can get the same replenishing effects that you would from a soothing walk on a secluded beach wherever you are. See how the negative ions released by our salt light rejuvenated your body while calming and focusing your mind.
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  • Amber Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp
    A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO BREATHE WITH OUR ZEN CUBE HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL LAMP Fresh air is necessary to help us maintain our focus and serenity. However, we so often find ourselves in a walled-off living space or office instead of on an ocean beach taking in the fresh breeze. Now, So Well’s Zen Cube Himalayan salt crystal lamp can recreate that same sensation, even when you’re in your home or office.
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  • Cardio Veda - Ayurvedic Heart Health
    May Regulate Heartbeat, Reduce Blood Pressure and Reduce Overall Inflammation*. May Decrease Levels of Unhealthy Triglycerides*. May help Inhibit the Buildup of Plaque in Arteries*. May Reduce Blood Clot Formation*
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  • Flex Veda - Vegetarian Bone, Joint, and Muscle Support
    Clinically Formulated to Strengthen Bones, Joints and Muscle. Powerful Source of Antioxidants and Vital Bone-Building Nutrients. *Packed with the highest quality turmeric available (Curcumin C3 Complex™). Replenishes and Rebuilds Bone Collagen Structure. Supports Body’s Natural Anti-Inflammatory Response. Promotes Full Range of Motion, Joint Flexibility and Lubrication.
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  • Perio Veda - Ayurvedic Dental Rinse
    Clinically Formulated to Prevent Bad Breath*. Controls biofilm formation that may cause cavities and gum swelling*. Naturally Removes Existing Plaque and Helps Prevent New Plaque Buildup*. Energizes and Regenerates Receding Gums*. May Help Support the Reduction of Gingival Inflammation*
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  • Cogni Veda - Brain Detoxification and Cell Regeneration
    Cogni Veda is a unique nootropic fusion formula based on a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant and a scientifically advanced complex of micronutrients that are research proven to improve memory, focus, and cognition. It is designed to work synergistically to promote brain cell longevity by providing medicinal and rasayana adaptogenic herbs necessary to activate and optimize the brain- lymph (Glymphatic system) and brain-heart connection for overall neurological health.
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