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  • $129.95
    Spire Activity Tracker - Discover Calm
    Spire is the world’s only breath and activity tracker proven to decrease stress and increase productivity.
  • $8.99
    Schmidts Natural Deodorant Stick
    Schmidt's award-winning formulas naturally and effectively neutralizes odor and wetness
  • $500.00
    FocusBand Motion Based Brain Training System
    Created By Focus Band
    The FocusBand is the #1 Motion Based Brain Training system, developed in Australia, proven success helping PGA Tour golf players become world #1 and winning the first gold medal at the Rio olympics for over 100years. The FocusBand is ideal for any Sport, Business, Mindfulness and sleep applications. The Audio-Visual-Kinaesthetic neurofeedback allows you to experience being present and aware during the process. We have 4 apps available, FocusBand, YogaBrain, NeuroVision Fluid Mynd.
  • $29.99
    Jiyo Healthy Human 21oz Stein Water Bottle
    Cold 24 Hrs, Hot 12 Hrs. 100% Leak & Sweat Proof. Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Carabiner & Hydro Guide.
  • $11.99
    Stasher Reuseable Sandwich Containers
    Stasher is fabulously functional, and offers all of the ease and convenience of plastic bags, but without any of the negative consequences. only stasher can safely go from the freezer, to the microwave, and to the dishwasher —there’s no other silicone bag like it!
  • $199.00
    Created By Heartmath
    emWave2 provides heart rhythm feedback and training in real time to help you shift to a positive emotional state in a moment.

    emWave2 from HeartMath on Vimeo.

  • $299.00
    EmWave Pro
    Created By Heartmath
    The emWave Pro objectively monitors your heart rhythms and coaches the user to achieve a physiological level of coherence.

    emWave Pro Features and Connecting with HeartCloud™ from HeartMath on Vimeo.

  • $14.95
    Heart Intelligence Book
    Created By Heartmath
    Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart