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  • $27.00
    JIYOSPA Aromatherapy 100% Essential Oil Blend - Nourish
    Cleansing eucalyptus and healing lavender and sage brings wellbeing to mind, body & soul.

Enjoy this blend by placing a few drops in a diffuser or diluting in a carrier oil prior to use on skin.
  • $34.00
    JIYOSPA Aromatherapy Candle - Nourish
    Cleansing eucalyptus and healing lavender and sage brings wellbeing to mind, body & soul.

  • $32.00
    JIYOSPA Aromatherapy Rollerball - Nourish
    Cleansing Eucalyptus helps to release toxins while lavender and sage bring wellbeing to mind, body & soul.
  • $19.00
    JIYOSPA Flower Essence Aromatherapy Spray-NOURISH - Neroli and Laurel

    Flowers are some of nature’s most beautiful and vital creations, each species blessed with its own unique healing wavelengths. Flower essences resonate with your energy field to gently restore emotional balance.

    JIYOSPA Flower Essence products are not mass-produced. Each bottle is created by hand in our California coastal mountain workshop. Our products are made with the purest ingredients and infused with loving intention.

  • $34.00
    JIYOSPA Aromatherapy Massage Oil - Nourish
    Cleansing Eucalyptus helps to release toxins while Lavender and Sage bring wellbeing to mind, body & soul.
  • $89.95
    Cardio Veda - Ayurvedic Heart Health
    Created By Nariveda
    May Regulate Heartbeat, Reduce Blood Pressure and Reduce Overall Inflammation*. May Decrease Levels of Unhealthy Triglycerides*. May help Inhibit the Buildup of Plaque in Arteries*. May Reduce Blood Clot Formation*
  • $69.95
    Perio Veda - Ayurvedic Dental Rinse
    Created By Nariveda
    Clinically Formulated to Prevent Bad Breath*. Controls biofilm formation that may cause cavities and gum swelling*. Naturally Removes Existing Plaque and Helps Prevent New Plaque Buildup*. Energizes and Regenerates Receding Gums*. May Help Support the Reduction of Gingival Inflammation*
  • $89.95
    Flex Veda - Vegetarian Bone, Joint, and Muscle Support
    Created By Nariveda
    Clinically Formulated to Strengthen Bones, Joints and Muscle. Powerful Source of Antioxidants and Vital Bone-Building Nutrients. *Packed with the highest quality turmeric available (Curcumin C3 Complex™). Replenishes and Rebuilds Bone Collagen Structure. Supports Body’s Natural Anti-Inflammatory Response. Promotes Full Range of Motion, Joint Flexibility and Lubrication.
  • $149.95
    Cogni Veda - Brain Detoxification and Cell Regeneration
    Created By Nariveda
    Cogni Veda is a unique nootropic fusion formula based on a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant and a scientifically advanced complex of micronutrients that are research proven to improve memory, focus, and cognition. It is designed to work synergistically to promote brain cell longevity by providing medicinal and rasayana adaptogenic herbs necessary to activate and optimize the brain- lymph (Glymphatic system) and brain-heart connection for overall neurological health.
  • $89.95
    Prana Veda - Tri-Dosha Balanced Energy and Vitality
    Created By Nariveda
    Helps transport and metabolize fatty acids in and out of mitochondria, reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Helps protect mitochondria by conserving antioxidant capacity and enhancing their efficiency in producing energy. Supports and strengthens immune function, removes toxins from liver, boosts sexual potency, and protects the body from free radical damage
  • $29.99
    Back To The Roots -Self Watering Tomato Planter
    Grow organic cherry tomatoes indoors!
  • $19.99
    Back To The Roots Grow Your Own Organic Mushrooms
    Grow your own organic mushrooms at home!
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