Palo Santo and Copal - Love & Purity

Palo Santo and Copal - Love & Purity - 6 Incense Cones

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These 100% natural Shamanic Incense Cones feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Blended by hand with white copal resin, these Incense Cones help attract the positive vibrations of love and purity. The wood’s naturally fragrant smoke also helps to re-establish peace and balance, while copal resin clears heavy energies and awakens dormant ones, providing protection from internal and external evil powers. Burning copal is used for clearing heavy energies and awakening dormant ones. Copal encourages love and purity. These cones are unique in that they are not held together by any chemical or isolated oils, but are a rare blend of 100% natural ingredients.

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